A friend recently introduced me to a secret group meeting surreptitiously in a garage in Burradoo (actually). There under the tutelage of a very experienced bookbinder and artist, Jean Riley, we work on various individual bookbinding projects. I had had some sets of folk magazines bound for me some 20 years ago and appreciated having them preserved so. It included a full set of Singabout, a full set of Australian Tradition in two volumes, and the first 10 issues of the Concertina Magazine. The last 15 were begging to be bound also.

First up some smaller projects to polish some skills.

Then some repairs. An old Bulletin Reciter and a book of Henry Lawson In the Days When the World Was Wide.

It had bothered me that the second volume of John Meredith's Folksongs of Australia only came as a paperback whereas the first volume had a hardback option. On close inspection I realised that it was glued together in its card cover after being sewn in signatures. So I just had to remove the glue and soft cover to bind it with a hard cover. Then a box to hold the two volumes. I am working on the lettering options.