FolkLines was established to share our passion for the collected dance music and songs of our Australian heritage. The line-up includes:

      • Dave Johnson - Fiddle, Concertina, Guitar and Vocals
      • Ray Mulligan - Button Accordion
      • Ralph Pride - Bush Bass, Fiddle and Concertina
      • Peter Percival - Guitar
      • Claire Stoneman - our regular dance caller
      • Paula Percival - Flute and varied percussion

The band usually welcomes capable musical friends onstage to join the dance band. If in doubt just ask...

Bert Jamieson's Lancer's Tune.

Eileen McCoy's Spanish Waltz

Ernie Goodman's Waltz

Joe Yates Set Tune

Hackett's Schottische and Cosgrove's Schottische

Stan Treacy's Set Tune

Under the Willow

Stan Treacy's Mazurka

FolkLines is available for functions especially bush dances.

For information email or