These photos capture some of the spirit of the Bush Orchestra as we learn, rehearse and perform arrangements of collected dance tunes.





@ The National Folk Festival

Easter in Canberra ACT

2018 Music Downloads as PDF files

First Parts
Second (and First) Parts
Third (and First) Parts
Bass (and First) Parts

First Parts Bb Clarinet
First Parts Eb Saxophone

Full Scores

Note on the tempos: 120 BPM is my default speed
but initially slower while we learn the tunes.
Airs like Many Strings to his Bow and
Mist in the Valley will be more like 90 BPM.
Scolding Wife & Jolly Mortals will vary
from 75 to 90 BPM
Jill Ireland's Jig will probably accelerate to end.

Videos from 2014 and 2016 are on YouTube

2012-2017 Music is available
as full score or parts at
Bush Tunes in Parts

You are welcome to play with the Bush Orchestra at the National.
It is helpful for me to know beforehand if you have printed your own music.

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