These songs add to the rich tapestry of Bush Songs that have been sung, collected and then been sung again.
They tell stories of swaggies and shearers, of coach and railway, of romance and despair, of station life real and mythical.

Whether they came from Banjo Paterson's Old Bush Songs, or other published sources, they all have the kind of lilt when spoken aloud that called for a musical setting, and a musical setting sympathetic to their Australian roots.

They are collectively described as "Rough Sawn" because the contrivances of a full-on recording studio have been deliberately bypassed for an earthy honest home grown production.

"The album is a laid back collection that had me tapping my foot gently. A commendable collection." Chris Spencer, Trad & Now Review
"Rough sawn, but solid timber turned into into good furniture. Sound like they've been around for 100 years." Brian Wilkins

Sound Samples
Speewaa Limejuice Tub Black Billy Tea
Words and Music

The words and music for the songs on Rough Sawn are freely available as PDF files.
Hopefully if you are seeking to download these you have already purchased a copy of the CD.
Some songs are provided in more than one key, as a capo was used to achieve the appropriate vocal key with simpler chording. An asterisk indicates the key of the recording.

Click on an Item to Download it
All the Songs (4.2MB) 5. The Braidwood Coach (G/C) 9. The Press Gang (Em)
1. Biralla Station Ball (C) 5. The Braidwood Coach (*Bb/Eb) 10. Down by the Sydney Side (G)
2. Speewaa (G) 6. Bringing Home the Cows (G) 11. Way of the World (Am)
2. Speewaa (*Bb) 6. Bringing Home the Cows (*A) 11. Way of the World (*Bm)
3. Limejuice Tub (G) 7. The Song of the Fettler (G) 12. The Ramble-eer (C)
4. Black Billy Tea (C) 8. What a Life! (Am) but(*Gm)  
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