Old and Not So Old Bush Songs

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These songs have been collated from a range of sources, initially as a consolidation of my own repertoire and then broadening to include other material in the same Australian genre both traditional and contemporary. The material here is presented in the folk spirit of sharing and cooperation but if there is any legitimate objection to the inclusion of material here please contact me and it will be removed.

Albury Ram, The

All For Me Grog

And When They Dance

Another Fall of Rain

Answer's Ireland, The

Artesian Water

Augathella Station

Australia's on the Wallaby

Bald Hill

Ballad of 1891, The

Ballad of Ben Hall's Gang, The

Ballad of Eureka, The

Ballad of Jack Lefroy, The

Ballad of Norman Brown, The

Ballad of the Kelly Gang, The

Band Played Waltzing Matilda, The

Banks of the Condamine, The

Bare Legged Kate

Battle of Castle Hill, The

Big Gun Shearer, The

Big Poll the Grogseller

Bill Jinks

Bill the Bullocky

Billy of Tea, The

Billygoat Overland

Binda Ball, The

Biralla Station Ball

Black Billy Tea

Black Velvet Band, The

Bluey Brink

Bold and Reckless Gardiner

Bold Ben Hall

Bold Jack Donahue

Bold Jack Donahue Lament

Boozin', Jolly Well Boozin'

Botany Bay Broadside, A

Botany Bay Courtship, A

Botany Bay

Braidwood Coach, The

Break O' Day

Bringing Home the Cows

Broken-Down Squatter, The

Bullockies Ball, The


Bulls of the Speewah, The

Bush Lullaby, A

Bush Night

Bushman's Farewell, The

Bushman, The

Callaghan's Hotel

Cane Killed Abel

Canecutter's Lament, The

Catalpa, The

Charlie Mopps

Clancy of the Overflow

Click Go The Shears

Cobb and Co

Cockies of Bungaree I, The

Cockies of Bungaree II, The

Codfish Shanty, The

Colonial Widow, The

Convict Maid, The

Cove What Drives, The

Cross of the South, The


Cuttin' A Monkey

Cyprus Brig, The

Cyprus, The

Dan McCartey

Dead Horse Shanty, The

Death of Ben Hall, The

Denis O'Reilly

Diamantina Drover, The

Diggers Quadrilles, The

Diggins-Oh, The

Dinky Di

Do You Think I Do Not Know

Dogs' Meeting, The

Dole Bread

Down by the Sydney Side

Drifting Down the Darling

Drover's Dream, The

Drover's Life, A

Drover, The

Duke's Song

Dying Stockman, The

Euabalong Ball

Eureka Lead

Exile of Erin, An

Five and a Zack

Flash Jack From Gundagai

Flash Stockman, The

Four Little Johnny Cakes

Frank Gardiner

Free-Selector's Daughter, The

Freedom on the Wallaby


German Girl, The

Golden Gullies of the Palmer

Good Old Concertina, The

Good Old Time, The


Great Northern Line, The

Gum Tree Canoe

Gum Trees

Hard Tack

Hokey Pokey, The


Humpin' Old Bluey

Hut That's Upside Down, The

I Hate Smoke

Irish Lords

It's On


Jacky Howe

Jim Jones at Botany Bay


Jog Along Till Shearing

Jolly Puddlers, The

Jones' Ale

Kookaburra Laughed, The

Lachlan Tigers, The

Larkin's Bar

Lazy Harry's

Limejuice and Vinegar

Limejuice Tub I, The

Limejuice Tub II, The

Little Fish, The

Little Freehold on the Plain

Look Out Below!

Maggie May

Maryborough Miner, A

Miner, The

Moreton Bay I

Moreton Bay II

Mustering Day

My Name is Ben Hall

My Name is Edward Kelly

My Old Black Billy

Nautical Yarn, A

Ned Kelly's Farewell to Greta

New England Cockie, The

Night at Daisy Park, A

Nine Miles From Gundagai

No Mans Land

Norfolk Whalers (Row My Love Row)

North by West

Numeralla Shore, The

Oh Bedad Then Says I

Old Bark Hut, The

Old Black Alice

Old Bullock Dray, The

Old Dan Tucker

Old Keg of Rum, The

Old Palmer Song, The

Old Sydney Town

One of the Has Beens

Only One More Drink

Overlander I, The

Overlander II, The

Paddy Fagan


Pig Catcher's Love Song, The

Pommy's Lament, The

Poor Ned Kelly

Press Gang, The

Pub With No Beer, The

Rabbit Trapper, The

Rabbiter, The

Ramble-eer, The

Reedy Lagoon, The

Reedy River

Roaring Days, The

Ryebuck Shearer

Sandy Hollow Line, The

Sandy Maranoa, The

Sergeant Small

Shanty By the Way, The

Shearer's Dream, The

Shearer's Jamboree, The

Shearer's Lament, A

Shearing in a Bar

Sheepwasher's Lament, The


Shores of Botany Bay, The

Sixteen Thousand Miles From Home

Sleeper Cutters Camp, The

Snowy River Roll

Song and A Sigh, A

Song of Light, A

Song of the Fettler, The

Songs of Australia

South Australia

Southern Markets


Springtime It Brings On The Shearing, The

Squatter's Man, The

Station Cook, The

Steam's Up

Stockman's Last Bed, The

Stockmen of Australia, The

Streets of Forbes, The

Stringybark and Greenhide

Stringybark Creek

Struggle In The West

Sulky Stockman, The

Sydney As It Used To Was

Sydney or the Bush

Sydney Town

Talking Dog, The

Tambaroora Gold

Tassie Whaler

Ten Thousand Miles Away

Tent Poles are Rotten, The

Thousand Miles Away, A

Three Black Crows, The

Three Crows

Tie Me Kangaroo Down

Tomahawkin' Fred

Travelling Down the Castlereagh


Van Diemen's Land

Wallaby Brigade, The

Wallaby Liz

Wallaby Stew

Waltzing Matilda (Cowan Version)

Waltzing Matilda (McPherson Version)

Waltzing Matilda (Queensland Version)

Water Witch, The

Way of the World, The

Wee One Lament, The

Western Creeks Are Calling, The

What A Life!

When It's Springtime in the Mallee

Where's Your Licence?

Widgegoara Joe

Wild Colonial Boy, The

Wild Rover No More

With My Swag All On My Shoulder

Wolgan Valley Ghost Train, The

Wood Turner's Love Song

Woolloomooloo Lair, The

Woolshed Hop, The