Australian Folk Music has been the cornerstone of Dave's musical interests. Playing in bush bands, publishing music, presenting workshops and concerts, organising events all contribute to his sharing his passion for our musical heritage.

Life would be dull without projects to stimulate the mind and to provide challenges. From the repair of old machinery, to helping a community celebrate the history of their local hall, to learning the skills of bibliopegy (book binding), to writing and producing a play about Ben Hall

Since his return to the Southern Highlands David has been a keen permaculturist- applying the principles to his own property, presenting design courses, editing a journal of cool climate Permaculture (The Permacultivator) and offering design services.

From the very early days of the internet David has explored the possibilities. His working life involved designing websites:  from business packages with database management front end; to sites involving stock control and payment gateways; to elementary web presence sites.

Having a strong interest in language and grammar David applies his skills to the editing and publishing of books. From biography to fiction he is able to help turn an idea or draft into a published book.

“Sing to me oh Muse”
Inspired by a recognition of the brevity of life, David has been exploring his earlier life through short stories which he makes available here for his children and others