Bush Music Camp
@ Penrose Easter 2024


Here is the tentative programme. Sing out if there are glaring omissions or errors!


Tickets prices are set to cover basic costs of facilities ($30 weekend $10 day) and can be can be obtained online here or on arrival.

Some Terms Explained
  • Take Home Bag is a small collection of songs and tunes to play and learn over the weekend. A memento that we'll play again when we meet again

  • Hat Band is a fun challenge. Put you name in a hat then names are drawn randomly in groups of 3 or 4. Then each group is challenged to choose and practise a couple of items over the weekend camp ready for the Sunday night Hat Band Concert.

  • Reciters Corner is a space to recite or read a favourite poem. There will be some books around for inspiration.

  • Yarn Space is the opportunity to sit and chat. There may be an initial topic but it is guaranteed to wander.

  • Boree Log is an OZ expression for a campfire with singing and poems and tunes to keep you warm

  • Easter Camp Tunes is a collection of tunes from George to explore.

There may also be:
Archery, Bush Campfire Cooking, Rowing on the Dam, Leatherwork, Hammering Competition, and even some Blacksmithing.
Your other ideas are welcome....