Ray Mulligan


Ray is a well-known Canberra muso with an abiding love of the accordion and the tunes that fit it. He plays a Peter Hyde accordion and with Ray's touch the qualities of the instrument are revealed.

Dave Johnson

fiddle & concertina

Dave's fiddle complements the accordion and provides occasional harmony. He has arranged much of the band's repertoire and composed tunes to provide the right sound for Claire's dances. 

Peter Percival


Peter plays his steel string guitar with a style that incorporates finger-picking of melody and chordal voicings. His solid underpinning accompaniment is flavoured with deliciously apt but unexpected chord sequences.

Ralph Pride

Fiddle, Bush bass, concertina

Ralph adds the depth of the Bush Bass to the sound. This instrument is remarkable as it is the only bass instruments that allows the sliding up to or down from a note by means of the string tension. The bass is in addition to the strong fiddle and concertina sound that Ralph brings.

Claire Stoneman

dance caller

Specialising in contemporary dances, Claire provides dancers with a a range of entertaining and sometimes challenging dance experiences.  She is adept at judging the level of expertise of a crowd to provide them with appropriate clearly called dances.

Adrian Wilson


Adrian brings his long time experience of playing piano for country dances. Though not a regular performer with FolkLines he is often called on to provide the piano rhythmic support for dances.