Having a shed with storage, workspace and tools provides a constant stream of "projects", from pulling down engines, to welding,  to wood turning, to metal forging, and repair and maintenance of tool used in the garden and on the farm.

The Windmill

When my next-door-neighbour was selling up nearly 30 years ago he offered me an old windmill in bits. It was all there but needed some parts repaired and then reassembly.  

Guy Eden

The poetry of Guy Eden caught my attention at uni in the early 1970s but not until 2004 did I again find a copy of his book. Some of his poems have gained a tune over the years

Ben Hall Show

It was not generally known in this area that the Ben Hall Gang help up the settlement (at Murrimbah) near Wingello in February1865. So The Holdup at Jeffery's Inn was written and produced.

The Kangaroo March

In 2015 a re-enactment of the World War 1 recruitment drive called the Kangaroo March followed the route of the original through Wingello. Here is our script including some little known Australian material.

Wingello Hall Centenary

The Wingello Mechanics Institute Hall was built in 1918, so its centenary was celebrated with a concert showcasing the history and the importance of this community hub.

Push Mower

An old push mower stored in the back of the shed for thirty years given a new lease of life.
I have a photo somewhere of my grandmother working one of these in about 1948.


A small rowboat or skiff, inspired by a full dam, and the contemplated joy of rowing around it. Built from a single sheet of marine ply with timber and stuff from the shed.