Dance Tunes from South-Eastern New South Wales

     This collection is offered by way of thanks to the wonderful musicians who have supported the regular "Bush Traditions" sessions held at the Old Goulburn Brewery since 2006. We have explored songs and poems on (or off ) a theme and played lots of local tunes with enthusiasm. 
     This music still exists because of the foresight of a band of dedicated collectors, who recognised both its value and its fragility. John Meredith, Rob Willis, Chris Sullivan and Alan Musgrove stand out for the music in this area. Exploring their collections has been the task of a band of enthusiasts who have listened to the recordings and evaluated the material and transcribed it to make it accessible. Having done some of this I can assure you it is a labour of love extracting a playable tune from a recording of a player past his or her musical prime using a not-quite in tune instrument attempting a tune he/she hasn't played for thirty years.
     Players represented here include: Stan Treacy, John Warn, and Bill Painter (from the Crookwell area); Frank Collins, Pearly Watling (Goulburn area); Bert Jamieson (Adaminaby); Harry Cotter (Binalong); Eileen McCoy, Doris Merrill, Frank Forde, Ollie Watts (South Coast); Doug Daniels (Queanbeyan); and Jeff Conroy, Bob McInnes, Rita Garbutt, Jimmy Jefferys (Southern Highlands). By far the bulk has come from the repertoires of Stan Treacy and Frank Collins. Stan was recorded by John Meredith, Dave de Hugard, Brad Tate, Julie Castles, Chris Sullivan and probably others. His repertoire was extensive and his generosity sharing it was heartwarming. Frank Collins had passed away before his reputation led John Meredith and Chris Sullivan to a series of acetate records produced in Goulburn over a number of years and distributed amongst relatives. These precious discs now reside in the National Library of Australia and Alan Musgrove and others have transcribed their contents.
     In recognition of an ongoing tradition this collection includes tunes written in recent times by Bill Mongomery, Ralph Pride and myself.
These tunes really come to life when they lift off the paper and become your own, with your own added flavour. Such flavour is dependent on your skill level and experience, and to some extent your instrument, so I advocate playing them to get a feel for them before adding calypso rhythms or syncopated bass riffs.
     I trust you enjoy this collection.

     David Johnson 2017

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Ali's Quickstep

Alston Number 27

Argyle Is My Name

Atlantic One Step

Auntie Doris's Schottische

Australia Day Waltz

Bert Jamieson's Beauty

Bert Jamieson's Lancers Tune

Bert Jamieson's Schottische

Bert Jamieson's Waltz

Bill Painter's First Set Tune

Billy Collins' Schottische

Binda Heel and Toe Polka

Black Cat Piddled in the White Cat's Eye

Bob in the Washhouse

Bonnie Scotland

Booligal Copper, The

Bowral Jig

Boxer's Creek Reel

Can A Monkey Climb A Tree

Champion Axeman, The

Charlie Doran's Polka

Connaught Man's Ramble

Crooked Corner Mazurka

Deccan Steet

Donkey Ate My Old Straw Hat, The

Doug Daniel's Schottische

Doug Daniel's Waltz

Flowers of Edinburgh

Frank Collins' Cadrill Tune

Frank Collins' First Jig

Frank Collins' Odd Reel

Frank Forde's 2nd Set Tune

Frank Forde's Second Jig

Frank Forde's Varsoviana

Girls of Ivy

Golden Blossoms

Grand Old Maid Britannia

Green Grow the Rushes

Harry Cotter's Jig

Harry Cotter's Set Tune

Heart and Soul of the Goanna

Honey Bees Schottische, The

Hunter's River

In and Out the Dirty Windows

Jack Canny's Reel

Jack's the Lad (Sailor's Hornpipe)

Jackson's Jig

Jill Ireland's Jig

Jimmy Jefferys' Schottische

Jimmy Mahoney's Reel

Katie Maloney's Reel

Kenmuir's Awa

La Va

Let's Have a Little Fun With Gertie

Midnight Waltz

Monkey Shaved Me Father

Moriarty's Jig

Muckin' of Geordie's Byre

New Soundpost, The

Nineteen Hundred and Ten

Old Bill Edwards' Schottische

Old Time Polka One

Old Time Polka Two

Ollie Watt's Schottische

Orotaba Waltz, The

Pearly Watling's Mazurka

Pied Butcher Bird Polka

Pumpkin Scones

Put Your Little Foot

Rakes Polka

Russ Lynam's Favourite

Sadly the Cuckoo Is Calling

Sailor's Hornpipe

Sailor's Hornpipe

See-Saw Polka

Spanish Waltz

Stan Treacy's Lancers Jig

Stan Treacy's Mazurka

Stan Treacy's Polka

Stan Treacy's Schottische

Stan Treacy's Varsoviana

Stan Treacy's Very Particular Waltz

Stan's Set Tune No 1

Stan's Set Tune No 2

Staten Island

Surprise Schottische

Teddy Creighton's Step Dance

Terence Lewis' Triumphal March to the Gates of Boggo Road

The Old Harrow Inn

The Steampacket Hornpipe

The Sun May Be Shining Tomorrow

The Walk Around

Thought I'd Lost You


Under the Willow (1)

Under the Willow (2)

White Cockade

White Cockatoo

Wingello Hornpipe, The

Woodland Flowers Schottische

Young Letitia Carey